Transcount – modern freight management software

freight management software

Transcount is a modern web-based or stand-alone application created for freight forwarding professionals and teams. Transcount helps freight forwarders to manage daily task, starting with contacts database, documentation, shipments and ending with invoicing or transit reports.

Basically with Transcount you can:

1. Have all contacts (customers, carriers, services) in one place.
2. Prepare branded documents with draft forms and keep all of them in one place.
3. Prepare branded invoices and keep them all in one place.
4. Send rate requests or customer quote directly from Transcount.
5. Create shipment and keep all related information in one place.
6. Chat with your colleagues using live chat.
7. Assign tasks to your colleagues.
8. Create your company’s environment: specify currency, time zone, bank accounts and other details.

Let’s see, how Transcount freight management software could help you with your business: